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Our Menu at a Glance

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  • Cold Drinks
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  • Deep Fried Cheesecake

    Enjoy our Delicious home made Cheesecakes deep fried and topped to your favorite flavors! 
    • House Desserts
  • Original Funnel Cake

    Choose between all the Topping's we got to make your own Original Funnel cake, Your creativity's the limit!
    • House Desserts
  • Crepes

    Want some crepes? Come try our "create your own" crepe.. you choose between all toppings and fillings we have! 
    • House Desserts
  • Deep Fried Oreos

    Craving some Deep Fried Oreos? You've come to the right place!
    • House Desserts
  • Deep Fried Choco Bar

    Come try our delicious deep fried chocolate bar!! Yumm!     
    • House Desserts
  • Cakes & Cheesecakes

    Tired of trying out cheesecakes out of a box? taste our delicious homemade real Cheesecakes you'll Fall in Love with!
    • House Desserts
  • Saratoga Swirls

    Our Amazing Saratoga Swirls Ribbon Fries!! Which flavor will you choose?
    • House Specialties
  • Cheese Fries

    Go Crazy with our incredibly Bacon Cheese Fries made with Real Cheese and Bacon!
    • House Specialties
  • House Crazy Corn

    Our Premium Selected Corn on the Cob with our Special House Dressing and Parmesan Cheese!
    • House Specialties
  • Flavored Corn

    Our Premium Selected Corn on the cob! and you get to choose your flavor!  
    • House Specialties
  • Milkshakes

    Enjoy our Milkshakes made from Scratch with Real Ingredients with a wide range of Flavors to savor!
    • Cold Drinks
  • Smoothies

    Our Delicious and Healthy Option, Made from a 100% Premium Selected Real Fruits
    • Cold Drinks
  • Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

    Our House made Deep Fried Macaronies with Real Cheese filling!
    • House Specialties

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